Choose the “Right” Schools to Save Money on College

We all want the best for our children.  That includes paying for an education.  But the cost of that education keeps going up and is now over $300,000 at some schools.  Saving in a 529 plan is not enough! You need to develop a plan that not only helps you save, but...

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When Should I Begin My Social Security?

The value of receiving a guaranteed income stream with inflation protection for the rest of your life cannot be understated.  Every dollar of Social Security received is one less dollar that needs to be pulled from your portfolio.  So, when should you begin to...

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Year-end Checklist for Physicians

2019 is almost in the books.  Below are five actions that physicians can take as part of a proactive, year-end review.    Refinance Mortgage and Student Loans – Mortgage rates have come down considerably this year and are near historic lows.  Bankrate is a great...

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Late-Stage College Planning for Physicians

College tuition has been rising 33% faster than inflation.  This has resulted in enormous tuition bills and students taking on an increasing amount of student loan debt to fund it. You need to treat a college education like any other investment and answer a few...

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The Physician Asset Protection Plan

The best laid plans can be ruined without some defensive planning. Physicians need to protect their assets and shouldn’t have to worry about a lawsuit or injury jeopardizing their financial future. Below are some steps we follow for the physicians we work with....

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The Best Way to Pay for College in 3 Simple Steps

Children are being asked to make one of the largest purchase decisions of their life at the age of 17, paying for a college education.  The result, the average graduate has more than $37,000 in student loan debt. Parents understand that investing in an education...

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Biz Journal Insightful Discussions

There is always some level of uncertainty when planning for the long-term. There were changes to the way how college financial aid is calculated in 2017. Most of the tax code for individuals and business owners was changed in 2018. Proactive planning is a must in...

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