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It’s Never Too Late To Start Your College Plan

The need for college planning has never been more important. The average cost for a private school is now $35,676 and the rates on Stafford and Parent Plus loans for 2019 have increased to  5.05% and 7.6% respectively. For parents with children in high school, this...

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End-of-Year Planning Strategies to Consider

December is almost here, and my children are already preparing their Christmas lists. These lists seem to get larger every year. Anyway, let’s get right to it and take a look at some planning strategies and pitfalls to avoid before year-end. Maximizing Retirement...


How A Divorce Can Impact Your College Planning

A divorce or separation can have a dramatic impact on your child’s eligibility for financial aid, and here’s why – some colleges will only consider the income and assets of the custodial parent, while others will include both the custodial and non-custodial...

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3 Questions To Answer Before Taking Out Student Loans

America has a student loan problem.  Current delinquency rates are over 11% and based on recent research those numbers might be drastically understated.  Student loans should be the last option when funding an education however they appear to be the first. The good...

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Tips On ‘Late-Stage’ College Planning

The cost of higher education is growing out of control. Meanwhile, the majority of financial advisors fail to help families navigate the shift from saving for college to figuring out how to pay for it — the critical phase of late-stage planning. This lack of...

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