Some of today’s colleges cost over $300,000 to attend. Every dollar you spend on college is one less dollar available for your retirement.  Do you have a proactive plan to address the rising cost of an education and minimize student loans?

Tushingham Wealth Strategies helps empower clients to pay for college as wisely as possible. 

We do this by following a four-step process.


We will help identify the best savings vehicles and coordinate this with the rest of your goals to ensure that you are not jeopardizing your own retirement. 

College Selection

You will need to develop a list of schools that your child will get accepted to, fit in and be able to afford.  We will help develop your ideal list and walk you through the admissions process.   

Financial Aid

Colleges can use multiple financial aid applications, offer various forms of aid and assess your family’s assets and income differently when calculating your aid package.  We will help simplify the process and optimize your financial aid opportunities.

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Wealth Management

Here is where we help bring everything together. We will take an inventory of your assets and income to be earmarked towards college, determine a maximum amount of student loans and develop a strategy to pay any remaining balance.  We will also show your child what they can expect to make after college and calculate their student loan payments.   

Determine your best strategy to pay for college, minimize student loans and protect your retirement.  Please contact us for more details.

*Our college planning service is included with our financial planning services.

College Savings

Higher education provides your children with lifelong advantages. This video explains the importance of getting started with a college savings strategy as soon as possible.

How to Save for College

It’s never too late to start saving for your child’s college education. This video identifies college funding strategies that can help you afford the high price of higher education.


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