How to Transition Jobs and Protect Your Retirement

2020 has been anything but ordinary.  Many people have lost jobs or had to transition to a new one due to reasons beyond their control.  This can be an emotional time, yet one that can also open the door for other opportunities. First things first.  You need to...

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Physicians Financial Planning Checklist

Physicians face many unique challenges when it comes to financial planning.  Most graduate school with student loans, they have substantial liability exposure and begin saving for their retirement at a late age.    Proactive planning can help you...


Choose the “Right” Schools to Save Money on College

We all want the best for our children.  That includes paying for an education.  But the cost of that education keeps going up and is now over $300,000 at some schools.  Saving in a 529 plan is not enough! You need to develop a plan that not only helps you save, but...

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When Should I Begin My Social Security?

The value of receiving a guaranteed income stream with inflation protection for the rest of your life cannot be understated.  Every dollar of Social Security received is one less dollar that needs to be pulled from your portfolio.  So, when should you begin to...

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Year-end Checklist for Physicians

2019 is almost in the books.  Below are five actions that physicians can take as part of a proactive, year-end review.    Refinance Mortgage and Student Loans – Mortgage rates have come down considerably this year and are near historic lows.  Bankrate is a great...

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Late-Stage College Planning for Physicians

College tuition has been rising 33% faster than inflation.  This has resulted in enormous tuition bills and students taking on an increasing amount of student loan debt to fund it. You need to treat a college education like any other investment and answer a few...

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