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The best-laid plans are useless if you don’t have the necessary investment returns to get there. Our “Personal CFO” services incorporate wealth management to help protect and grow your assets. We utilize a disciplined investment process to help assess risk in your portfolio and opportunities in the markets. This allows us to take the emotion out of investing and make calculated decisions when managing your life savings. 

Our Wealth Management process follows the below steps.

1. Establish Goals

We will use our extensive “Discovery Process” to determine concerns, areas of need and objectives. We will then determine your risk tolerance and personalized rate of return that will help you reach your goals.

2. Design a Plan

As part of your personalized plan of action we will develop an investment roadmap based on your unique risk profile. Your profile will assist us in selecting the appropriate strategy:

Investment Objectives

What do you hope to achieve using your investment dollars – improve current lifestyle; achieve capital growth; fund a specific goal such as a college education.

Risk Tolerance

This reflects your comfort level with market fluctuations that can result in losses.

Risk Capacity

How much can you afford to lose before jeopardizing your objectives?

Time Horizon

The length of time you are willing to commit to achieving your objectives.


Investing in a mix of asset classes will have varying tax consequences.

3. Proactive Monitoring

As you move through life’s stages your needs, priorities and the economic environment will change, and so too might your investment strategy. We will absorb changes in economic and market conditions and your personal situation to determine if any modifications are necessary to your investment plan. Having a flexible process that evolves along with you helps us minimize risk and take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves.

How are we compensated?

Clients who engage us for Wealth Management services will also receive our Financial Planning services. Our standard advisory fee (flat fee) is based on the market value of the assets under management (see chart).

Our minimum account size is $500,000.00. This is negotiable, at our discretion.

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Account Value Annual
Advisory Fee
$500,000 — $1,000,000 1.00%
$1,000,001 — $3,000,000 0.85%
$3,000,001 and Above Negotiable

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