Who Do You Work With?

We primarily work with business owners, physicians, and executives who want a “Personal CFO” to oversee all of their financial affairs.

Do You Specialize In Any Areas?

Absolutely, as part of our “Personal CFO” services, we specialize in helping families develop their best strategy to pay for college so they can protect their assets and income for retirement. This goes well beyond just opening a 529 account and focuses on a consultative approach encompassing college selection, savings vehicles, financial aid, tax aid and the best use of your personal resources. Another specialty is helping retirees develop income sustainability strategies. We do this by help optimizing their social security income, determining if they have enough to retire, choosing appropriate health insurance coverage and coordinating the liquidation of their investment accounts so that they can maintain their lifetime spending needs.

How Can You Help With College Planning?

Our consultative approach to college planning integrates college selection, financial aid optimization, tax aid and the best use of your family’s personal resources into one strategy. Our goal is to help you develop your best strategy to pay for college and protect your assets and income for retirement. All this is included in our “Personal CFO” service.

Do You Incorporate Social Security Optimization As Part Of Your Services?

Yes, this is offered as part of our “Personal CFO” service.

What Types Of Investments Do You Utilize In Your Asset Management Approach?

We generally use a diversified portfolio of exchange-traded funds (ETF’s) in order to keep internal expenses to a minimum.

Do You Have An Account Minimum For Your Asset Management Services?

Yes, our minimum account size is $500,000.00. This is negotiable, at our discretion.

How Often Will We Meet?

As often as it takes to understand your personal situation, determine where you are now and where you want to go.

How Are You Compensated?

Our “Personal CFO” service is offered for a minimum annual fee of $5,000. The scope and complexity of your situation will determine the fee.

Our Asset Management service, which includes our “Personal CFO” service, ranges from 1.00% to 0.85% (negotiable) of managed assets with a $500,000 asset minimum.

Are You A Fiduciary?

Yes, as a Registered Investment Advisor and Certified Financial Planner™ I am held to a fiduciary standard.

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